Imperial Internet Providers FAQs

What is Imperial Internet?

Imperial Internet delivers consistent and affordable broadband services to regional ranches, residences, and companies. Your antenna will establish a connection with our Point of Presence, supplying your home with a router.

How are you unique compared to other internet service providers?

Because wire-free requires less infrastructure than DSL, fiber, cable, or satellite networks, it can be upgraded considerably more quickly. This translates to a faster and more consistent service for locals and enterprises in outlying locations where other network types haven't committed the time and resources to build out their infrastructure.

What sets you apart From Satellite?

With us, your local antenna uses radio waves to make a connection to a tower nearby (only a few miles away), allowing you access to the web. Satellite networking relies on transmissions from a dish circling the Earth at a distance of around 20,000 miles. Audio and video calls can be challenging while using satellite because it frequently costs more, has bandwidth restrictions, and has lower throughput (delay). There are no data limits; all users get is a fast, low-latency connection.

Is your connection costly?

Imperial Wireless is a cost-effective substitute for other connectivity options. You only pay for what you require and desire, not all the extras, owing to its transparent pricing system and lack of contracts or other scams.

What speed do you offer?

Residential users can choose from 10/2, 25/5, 50/10, and 100/20 plans, while business clients can choose from 10/10, 25/15, 50/30, and 100/60. The Download/Upload speeds are specified in Megabytes per second.

How secure is personal data?

Your data is just as secure using our services as when you use cable or DSL, so you can relax. Using antivirus software and maintaining all of your devices' security settings is always a smart practice, regardless of how you access the web. We endeavor to maintain your network router to our fiber optic backbone as quickly and stable as possible.

How consistent is your connection?

You are receiving broadband via radio waves rather than cables. That ensures that no one will ever unintentionally sever your access wire. Because of this, Imperial Wireless is reliable.

What frequency does the Signal Have?

The signal's range is determined by the topography in the area and whether anything is impeding you from connecting to the tower site. Normally, the signal's range from our tower is ten miles.

What Tools are required for connection?

This covers the Wi-Fi router, modem, power cables, Ethernet cables, adopter, and any other installation-related equipment. All this equipment will be included in your package.

What is the wait time for Wireless Broadband?

Fixed wireless may frequently be implemented in just a few days once you select a data plan. Installation is rapid and easy. If you're ready to get started, get in touch with us, and we'll be at your service at the latest. After that, we'll set up the receiving antennas, and you'll be ready to go.

How competent is your customer support team?

Once installation is complete, we won't abandon you. Even though fixed wireless internet should require little to no maintenance, things may still go wrong. You can phone us with any problems, and our skilled technical staff will be at your service right away.

Is Imperial Wireless affected by the weather?

In most cases, severe weather won't affect your connection. If your antenna system is blown out of position by strong winds, connections could be lost. Our reputable WISPs install antennae with this in mind, guaranteeing the system can endure exceptionally strong gusts.

Can I modify my services or receive a lower price?

It is possible to modify your services or receive a lower price. Simply visit Imperial Wireless to view the available data plans and associated prices, then place your order.

How can I get assistance if I need it?

Please call the IT Help Desk at 888 508 2021 if you need assistance with the network. Contact or send a letter to Imperial Technologies Inc., 869 Walnut Street, Macon, Georgia, 31201, USA.

How do I let Imperial Wireless know that I'm moving?

Call our customer support to inform them of your move. Imperial will organize your move and transfer your service without making a headache out of it for you. If you move to a location where our services are not offered, we can assist you to find the finest broadband service providers there as well as advise you on how to handle your equipment.

Will my services and equipment be impacted by my move?

To find out if you can bring your equipment with you, get in touch with our representatives. It might be possible for you to choose self-installation if you are only moving nearby.

What impact does it have on my bill?

You can continue using your current Imperial account and continuing to pay your bill using the many available payment options if you're thinking about moving to an area where Imperial services are offered. For information on any additional service options or enhancements that could be offered at your new location, you can also contact Imperial Customer Support.

How do I use your online ordering system?

What you must do is as follows:

  • Visit Imperial's website and look through its most popular promotions.
  • Enter your ZIP code here to access all of the offers close to your address.
  • complete your purchase
  • Select Imperial, adhere to the instructions, and enter the necessary data to  

How to contact you?

Please call the Help Desk at 8885082021 if you need assistance with the wireless network. Contact or send a letter to Imperial Technologies Inc., 869 Walnut Street, Macon, Georgia, 31201, USA.

I have hooked up the router how to connect to the web?

In order to connect to the web please identify your Imperial Wi-Fi Device.
Imperial Wireless sends the following to its valued customers. 

  • Cudy

  • Verizon

  • Inseego Skyus

The Wi-Fi password is written at the back of device.
First there will be a logo of Cudy, below that your will see the 5 GHz Wi-Fi: Cudy-XXXX-5G, Below that you will see 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi as “Cudy-XXXX, and below that you will find 8 Digits Alpha Numeric Password as

Password: XXXXXXXX
Once, you enter the exact password your Wi-Fi will be connected and you will have a working connection.


Verizon Gateways are in a Cubic shape, its information is written at the bottom of the device. Turn the Gateway upside down and you will see the password written over there as Wi-Fi password below Wi-Fi Name.
Wi-Fi Password would be like: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
The, password is Alpha Numeric, once you enter the exact password your Wi-Fi will be connected and you will have a working connection.
Inseego Skyus

Inseego Skyus comes with a 4400 MAH battery, it contains 3 Antennas. The Wi-Fi password is written at the back of device, on the bottom right corner.
Its password is identified as PW: XXXXXXXX
The password is Alpha Numeric, once you enter the exact password your Wi-Fi will be connected and you will have a working connection.  

Can I connect my TV or Laptop to Imperial Wi-Fi Device?

Yes, you can connect all Wi-Fi enabled devices with Imperial Wi-Fi.

How can I connect my desktop to Imperial Wi-Fi Device?

There are 2 ways to do it. If your desktop computer has a Wi-Fi card, you can connect your desktop with Wi-Fi, but if you don’t have a Wi-Fi card installed in your computer (CPU) you can connect it VIA Ethernet patch cable. Plug one side of cable in to the Imperial Wi-Fi device and plug the other side of Cable in to your Desktop’s Ethernet port. You will have a working  connection. 

If the internet is not working, can I reset the Imperial Wi-Fi?

No, we don’t suggest you reset the Imperial Wi-Fi device because we send configured devices to our valued customers. In case of resetting the device all the configurations wipe out and the Internet will stop working.

Call our tech support department, and they help you with a working web connection.