About Imperial Internet

Imperial Internet assists with your internet connection. We offer quick internet, safe email, web hosting and security. We were a part of building the internet and we understand how to make it work well. Imperial Internet is a popular internet service in the United States that provides fast and secure internet to many households across the country. In 2019, Imperial Internet has brought new technology, talented employees, and exciting goals to the company. Imperial Internet is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been a leader in technology since the 1990s. We are well-known for telecommunications and continue to lead the way through important partnerships and new product ideas.​

Our Mission

Imperial Internet wants to help you stay connected to the world through the internet. We believe that having the right internet speed and price is important for your home, but we also know how essential the internet is for keeping in touch with loved ones, work, school, and important information. We want to support both our customers and employees. Our employees are important to us, so we’re working to build a strong community with them. We know that this is where our success begins.


We’re growing an internet network in the U.S.

Connecting you to high-speed internet at great rates is what we do.

Number of Customers with Imperial Services
The number of households we can service across the U.S.
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